February Work Resolution: Be on time

        Your alarm didn’t go off, you couldn’t find your favorite shoes (glasses, wallet, etc.), traffic was horrible…  Many of us struggle to be on time for work when it seems like life keeps throwing challenges our way before we even are out the door in the morning.  But not only is being late an inconvenience for your co-workers, it is also stressful for your body.  To keep your heart-rate in check, mind calm, and the boss happy,  consider these tips to make your daily routine less taxing and perhaps more productive.

1.      Wear a watch: Yes, your phone does have a clock, but it also has email, text messages, games and other distractions that can make a quick glance at the time turn into minutes away from what you were supposed to be doing.

2.      Stop underestimating your commute time: It may be only five miles away, but those five miles are full of stop lights, traffic and other factors that make the commute anything but a quick hop in the car. Give yourself time to account for the long commute.  That way you’re not left banging your head on the steering wheel because you’re about to miss your morning meeting.

3.      Get everything ready beforehand: This might mean packing lunches at night, putting the trash out the night before, having a devoted place for your keys or staying up-to-date with the weather so you don’t have any last-minute tasks or things to find before you can walk out the door.

4.      Wake up when your alarm rings: We all have those mornings when we push snooze a few too many times, but does it really leave you more energized? Rip off the bandage and force yourself out from under the covers!

5.      Eliminate distractions: Make a habit of filling up the car in the evening or on the weekend so you are ready to go come Monday morning.


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